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Welcome to OMGD’s website, specialists in equipment for lifting and laying concrete products for the building and civil engineering industry.

Adapted products

For more than twenty years, GD has been the trademark for equipment manufactured by OMGD. The brand stands for performance and strength across a range of handling and lifting accessories. As a manufacturer, we give prime importance to offering versatility in gripping operations for concrete products from across Europe.


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"SL" or "SM" ?

A very good question for gripping operations! Only our grabs offer a distinct solution to the 2 types of grip :

  • The « SL » system is a hands-free, simple and economic operation where the equipment can be easily retrieved after the lift.
  • The « SM » system is a unique system for a continuous gripping action :each grab is maintained in position not only during the lifting but also before and after the handling. Safety is enhanced, the equipment is protected and gripping effectiveness increased tenfold.

View the film clip which demonstrates the difference